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The Federal Advisory Council has an important role in U. Find out more at Bankrate. Bankrate explains.

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Glossary Discover the definition of financial words and phrases in this comprehensive financial dictionary. Glossary P Prime rate Prime rate What is the prime rate? Deeper definition The prime interest rate is what banks charge their most creditworthy customers, because they know those customers are the least likely to default.

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  • Effective federal funds rate The effective federal funds rate impacts the economy. Capital Economics said in a report this week it expects home prices in Hong Kong to fall, ranking the financial hub seventh on a list of places most at risk of a correction. Private home prices in Hong Kong have been on a record-breaking run for 19 consecutive months, fuelling discontent among residents in the financial hub.

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    A skilled service worker would need to work 20 years to buy a square-foot flat near the city centre, according to UBS. Reining in the hot property market remains a top priority for the local government, but prices have been rising non-stop since despite tightening measures. The former British colony tracks U. The Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged last week, but is expected to raise rate twice more this year, which will spur the HKMA to follow suit.

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