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Cashiers reportedly don't bother to confirm your membership either and simply scan any coupon you give them with no questions asked. Normally if you verbally give the cashier the coupon code to enter, they will do so and the system will simply process it like normal. To find out more information or to sign-up, please click here [ harborfreight.

Parking Lot Sales Harbor Freight runs a parking lot tent sale about once every 10 weeks which runs for 3 days over a weekend starting on Friday. They will typically start handing out the 4-page flyer for this event in stores weeks in advance. The items advertised are mostly the same collection of items you regularly see advertised in their other flyers and publications issued throughout the year. The advertised prices for these items are usually the same as the prices you see on the item-specific coupons found year-round.

The difference here being that you can purchase these items at their usual coupon price without actually needing a coupon. Remember, however, that you cannot stack any percentage-off coupons on any item advertised in their parking lot flyer. The biggest deal with the parking lot sale is that they sell, at a discount, all their open-box items usually customer returns , cosmetically damaged items, or items that are missing non-essential parts or parts that can be replaced. On the first day Friday , prices for these items are as-marked with special orange stickers.

For most items, these starting prices are no better than or worse than the prices you can get for these items in new condition with coupon. Be aware that marked-down purple-tagged items also seen year round in a designated open-box section of the store are generally priced as marked and are non-negotiable. They are generally like-new open box customer returns, or missing pieces which is normally the result of the store's method of cannibalizing new kits to warranty-replace whatever pieces broke in a customer's kit.

Honestly, they are just trying to pawn off these purple-tagged items to ignorant customers. Lastly, be aware that all open-box items are sold as-is with only a 5 day return policy. For example, if you needed the manual for item which is in the range of format the URL like the following: PDF [ harborfreight. For online orders, call customer service with the item and coupon numbers and they may be willing to process the order for less on the phone or adjust your online order after it has been placed.

Call , Monday thru Friday, 6: Facebook harborfreight. Link to this Wiki. This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. Helpful Comment? Last edited by Dumpsterdiver April 27, at Deals Savant. Anyone have them in pdf? Quote from Vapno: They scan ok, but do not take effect. The cashier has to get a manager overide for every one.

Coupons used to work fine there. Anyone else having this problem? I used several on Saturday without problem. Come to think of it, I'm going to change that to long term coupons or does someone have a better heading? And Piss me off to no end to go in at 8: Sorry, you're gonna have a weekend sale, better have the items in stock when the sale starts!

Plus, nothing was marked with the sale price. They had 2 floor persons when I walked in, so 3 long lines of people were waiting. I left without anything from that store. Quote from SubaruB4: I can get an angle grinder for 9. SO, I am going to be just like HF. I'm loaded with coupons which are really worthless only because of the distance I have to drive to their store. Its gotten to the point that even the people in the local stores do not understand the rules, whatever they are ,which seem to change daily.

And those free items with a purchase of Business must be really good at HF. Quote from Trainguy Quote from danrod Quote from Photoguy: Page 1 of Join the Conversation Add a Comment. Copyright - Slickdeals, LLC. All Rights Reserved. I need to go to HF soon. If you have a coupon that doesn't have the language that explicitly states you can't use it on those items Reasonable logic but local managers have been pounded by corporate. You might find an exception but unlikely.

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Yeah, what's that supposed to mean? Did they send out Disclaimers to customers? You should still be able to use those coupons.

It's their fault they didn't change the language on those coupons. I'm subscribing also. I have all the instore ad's thru the 25th of Jan. When I get to work tomorrow, I'll see what else we have. Here's what I have. Everyone I can find has expired. Actually i printed out all the free stuff also I will start scanning these pages and upload them, in full-size, to my Photobucket.

You can 'follow' that album and receive email updates when I upload new coupon scans from my magazines. The title syntax is HFxxxxxx. Where xxxxxx is the expiration date of the coupons, i. HF Coupon Scans http: At my local HF N.

PSA - Harbor Freight Digital Caliper on Sale 50% Off - $9.99

Doesn't have to scan. They look at it and input the numbers from below the barcode. You must have more than just the numbers, though. Even used one on my phone for the guy in front of me in line and then used it for myself. In a pinch you can use your web enabled phone to go to this site and this thread to look at a photo. Did that too. Some coupons won't work because they have a different lot number for the same item, than is on the coupon. This was true on the multimeters at my store.

Haha nice - which store do you usually frequent? I've only been to the store in Clinton Township on Groesbeck. Having formerly lived in Auburn Hills I used to go to the flint store, and the Clinton twp store, then the Pontiac store when it opened. Heck one day I bought 3 big items in Pontiac, bought one item and walked back in and bought the next item.

Apparently you are only supposed to use one coupon per day. They wont let you use it on clearance items. They act like you are taking money out of their pocket. Technicaly the manager most likely gets a bonus based off of gross profit margin sooooooooo the more the gross profit the better his bonus. Makes sense about the bonus. Of course if I would imagine most managers rather make customers happy, then create a difficult situation.

RbrtAWhyt, thanks for posting those HF coupons. I just picked up one of these today: I'll be putting it together tomorrow. I've been wanting to get one for a while.. That's the one! Over at a mini bike forum a guy posted that his local paper had a coupon for this http: Im gonna get one this weekend! Found the coupon in a Mustang Monthly Magazine.: No problems using the internet coupon.

Next purchase will be the 41 inch tool cabinet. Got a really good deal, and its in really good shape. Now its time to dump one of my older Craftsman set ups, along with a Kennedy box I have laying around. I would encourage everyone to keep an eye on Craigs List. The deals are out there! The reveues being good I went to pick one up. Got to the regester, gave her the coupon, she said it would not work and the sale hadn't started yet. I just smiled a left.

I'm hoping because it is a smaller item at least for the 7 drawers cabinet. If anyone can confirm, that would be great. Otherwise I might just give it a try. The item size doesn't matter. Hell, even what the item is for doesn't matter. All that matters is what words are in the item's name.

$9.99 Digital Caliper Coupon

Since the word "cabinet" is in the side-cabinet's name, you're out of luck, the computer won't take the coupon. The decisions about what is and isn't covered are being made by drones in corporate, not people who actually make the product. That means they're going off the title and nothing else. Got this in an email from HF last Friday - Does anyone have this cart?

Is this lb. The general consensus is "yes" it is. That red cart is one of the best deals going at HF Nice score! She probaly had to think about that one. Glad you didn't have to wait for the flyer prices to be in effect. I am trying to figure out if I should buy another one but my floor space is getting to be a premium item itself. In my opinion well worth buying. I don't think this price cut is in the ad, and the wireless cam on hf website redirects to the wired cam, short of going to the store or calling , I don't know how this info would get out.

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  • I hope my first post was helpful and not too long. If only the free shipping applied. Recently picked it up. For the money I don't think you can find a better tool cart around. It is super sturdy and has lots of room. I think the Red Cart was easily worth the extra money but with that said, I wouldn't hesitate to get the black one. If it has the exact same drawer layout, I would have gotten the black one just to save a few bucks. Super happy with the red one. Either is a good choice so I don't think you can go wrong. Show up at the store with a coupon for each and look them over.

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    I will second rmousir on the red 5 drawer tool cart. The only thing I don't like is that if I put my snap on prybars in the slots on the sides, then the lid doesn't close. Other than that, I am completely happy. I am trying to figure out what to put on the bottom shelf. Could you provide a link, or double check that item number? I'm unable to get that item to work, and I'm not finding searches for "inspection camera", "wireless inspection camera", etc. This maybe? I searched the HF site for "inspection camera" http: Thanks RbrtAWhyt!

    No problem using a printed coupon! This thing is way sturdier than I was expecting! It has freed up a lot of space in my toolbox! Thanks for posting the coupon. I understood these to be in store sale price, no coupon needed. At least someone told me that yesterday. It is being discontinued, you can only get them in the stores, if they still have any left overs. Our store will as I'm sure others will also. I thought I hit the jackpot for ya: Then I looked at the date: I will keep looking man! When a coupon says "limit 3" does that mean you need 3 coupons each a single item, or you can use that one coupon and buy 3?

    Coupon will get you 3 of that item at once. Here is the link.

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    • Ditto for me on the wheel dollies. Those pound models are a much better value than the cheaper ones. It loaded fine on my machine, it's a legit imageshack page so there should be no issue there. Maybe you've got a very sensitive malware product that didn't like one of the ads? This link tried to put a virus on my pc. LOL did the same for me I opened it twice and it opened the second time Or is that what one coupon per customer per day means-that you can't?

      I "think Just really dont see why it wouldnt work. They will only let you use one coupon per transaction. Also if you have two of the same thing and two coupons, buy one, then go to a different register and buy the second. I had one employee tell me they look for repeat and the employees can get in trouble for two transactions of the same thing right after each other.

      PSA - Harbor Freight Digital Caliper on Sale 50% Off - $ - Bike Forums

      I was there a few days ago and used 7 coupons for 7 different things. They took them all, no problem. But all in all, how can I say that you have or have not used one with a different employee durning that day. I'm not there to babysit. I doubt printed coupons will work. Technically, we are supposed to only take them from the Harbor Freight Pages off line, but how am I to tell where you got them from if they look like what HFT puts out. If they were all different, thats what they were supposed to do.

      Different item coupons: Have you ever tried it? I printed out one from this thread a week ago and used it, no problem. I did the same about 3 weeks ago it went thru no problem at all.: Why wouldn't a printed coupon work? They have pages of coupons on their site for you to print out. Yeah they take them Thanks guys. Also, printed the internet price for the 8 piece hammer and dolly set, rang up as Nice score on that one!: It is just hard to beat those deals you get with the coupons.

      Hopefully this area Alabama will be included in the sale, I'm not going to tell my wife that I might be buying another one of these motors.: Thank you, I now read on a mini bike forum that HF will be having a parking lot sale on these engines in March If you don't want to wait you can buy the coupons on ebay for a few bucks http: I printed them out, and even though I could not read any of the dates, and the barcodes didn't scan, HF still honored the prices. They also restocked their clamps, so I picked up one of the 12 inch freebies.

      And the Goodwill right next door to the HF had a couple of dehumidifiers cheap! So the trip was definitely worth it. They gladly gave me a rain check so I could get the cart later when they got more in stock - what I did not realize until the girl cut ou the coupon and stapled it to the rain check is that you still have to present the coupon with the rain check to get the sale price at a later date - I am just passing this on in case anybody else did this - everyone else may have realized this but I didn't.

      Thats a store policy. We have to either attach the coupon to the rain check or write that it is a special or monthly sale AD. All stores "are" supposed to do that. Coupon good until I just got a rain check for one of the carts at , they didnt note anything about a coupon or special or anything I think I've heard about someone doing it before I just got an e mail from Harbour Frieght sayin gthey sell Bend Pak lifts. I'll do a little research and let you know as soon as i get home tomorrow. Hey does anyone have valid coupons for the 3 ton heavy duty jack?

      I see fatboy posted one but i cant read the coupon code or the date either. Thanks, Sam. Any ton Foldable shop crane coupons? I don't see one for the 2-ton, but I just got one for the 1-ton this morning in my email. HF store honored the coupon, no problem at all. They did have to have the manager enter an override code, but no big deal. Just a reminder, I know others are doing this as well. I used it yesterday to buy a set of scaffolding.

      Anyone have a coupon for a torque wrench? Here ya go: I finally got mine today.

      harbor freight digital caliper coupon 9.99

      Plus a free multimeter! My HD takes them and Lowes has too. I also take a bunch of them and coupons for free items with or without purchase when I go to HF. I hand them out to anyone who looks like they don't have a coupon! The customers seem to like it What are the chances they would let me use it on the 13 drawer tool cabinet? How'd you get that?!?! I believe it applies to the entire purchase. Just got this one e-mailed to me: So now you can put a bunch of stuff together instead of just one item.

      I did not see that it was for the entire order.

      Harbor Freight- WAY too many SALES? 2018 Easter Sale

      Touche, sir, touche. Anybody have a better copy of this ad? It is not legible when I print it out I looked for those ad's, but im sure i have already given all of them away. I am looking for the hoist. Thanks Here ya go: I took that same poor condition printout of the flyer to my local HF and they honored it, even though the bar code would not scan, and the code numbers below it were not visible nor was the expiration date. Sure, its pretty basic, but I was pretty impressed with the quality overall. Thanks, I brought it in and they would not take it because the bar code wouldn't scan and they couldn't read the numbers.

      I will try again! Thanks again! I think I saw that one about a week ago, I wanted one of those jacks, but it was expired when I saw it then. I see one post said a store would not take a printed coupon, it had to be right out of a magazine. Don't a lot of these online coupons say "printable coupon" right on them? Sorry if posted already. Trying to order the Earthquake impact gun. HF store s is about miles away, don't feel like driving there now. Thanks, Tony. But it does have the fold up shelf on the right, and a nice screw driver extension, pry bar rack, with the fold up locking cover on the left.

      Fellow down at work had the bigger one, what is it, 6 drawer I think from HF and it seems pretty nice. The one I got is Alright, but it's really a little too small, and the drawers and the top not really deep enough, so might want to think about the bigger one. No, but then I didn't want all that foo-foo hanging off the side. The HF cart does have screwdriver racks built into the sides. It works for me, but I'm happy for you! Yeah I know what you mean about the screwdriver racks built into the sides, my buddies mac cart is like that. Thanks for the coupon codes!!

      I ordered the auto darkening helmet with flames for Ill post in fabrication later. I placed the order on the 4th of this month. How do you know these are Bend Pak lifts? It looks to me like they are Torin Big Red lifts.