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The wood is a dark brown walnut finish and the pockets around the edge feature a white mesh with gold trim and faux leather holding in a yellow tassel around each cup to give the table an overall more elegant look. The wood construction makes this table slightly less durable and substantially less portable than the previous model that we looked at. This table, however, requires no assembly and comes ready to play including two cues, a set of billiard balls, a plastic triangle, chalk, and a brush to keep the table well-maintained.

Like the previous folding table this billiards table is smaller than a regulation size table making it a little too easy on experienced players but great for novice or young players trying to get some experience in the sport. Many pool tables are too large and cumbersome for some apartments or homes and take up too much space to become a permanent fixture.

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These folding pool tables allow almost anyone to enjoy the sport of billiards in any amount of space. This table features a wood construction with yellow tastles around the pockets and a beautiful green fabric over the top.

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The folding legs of his wooden table allow for easy storage almost anywhere but the thickness and weight of the wood limit how portable the table is. This table stands 29 inch off the floor putting it at a decent height for most people and is 44 inches in length making it substantially shorter than a regulation size pool table.

It includes pool cues as well as balls which are smaller than regular sized balls but still have a good weight to them in order to roll consistently. Next on our list is the playcraft sport bank shot pool table which allows you to turn any existing table into a pool table. This billiard table is designed with short legs to be placed on top of a table you already have when you want to play and features a cherry laminate exterior as well as three different colors of billiard cloth.

The legs themselves are a few inches tall and made of black plastic while the fabric on the playing surface of the table can be either blue, green, or red. This table comes with all the equipment needed to play and is ready in minutes as you only need to screw on the legs to the medium density fiberboard body. The MDF construction of this pool table make it reasonably durable and able to withstand years of play. This table features an 8-foot tabletop making it a full regulation size which is lined with Contender Woolen cloth available in five different colors including green, red, and blue.

The table itself is made from wood which is then covered in a black laminate giving the table a very sleek and modern look. The corners and pockets are then given chrome metal fittings to help protect the table and also lend an even sleeker touch to the design.

This table features adjustable feet as well allowing you to insure that the playing surface of the table is perfectly level to prevent sloping shots. This slate billiard table weighs over seven hundred pounds but luckily comes with free on-site delivery and professional installation. This installation normally takes 4 to 6 weeks and may include a small fee if you live somewhere that requires ferry service. Dazadi also offers a money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on every part of the table.

The table also comes with an extensive accessory kit including four pool cues, bridge sticks, a full set of billiard balls, and 12 pieces of chalk. This pool table solves that problem by allowing you to put the table outside without worrying about it being destroyed. The whole table has a brushed metal look to it and features a light tan camel colored surface.

Since the outdoors are often not perfectly level the feet of this table can be adjusted to ensure a level playing surface. The edges of the table feature K66 cushion rubber as well as an accessory kit that comes with everything you need to start playing. The last billiard table that we will be taking a look at is the Trademark mini tabletop pool set. This pool table is very well designed for its size and features a dark wood finish around the edge with a bright green fabric on the top just like a real full size pool table.

All of the cups feed into a channel on one side which has a hole for retrieving the balls from. The set also includes a piece of chalk, a plastic triangle, a set of miniature billiard balls, two miniature cues and even a plastic brush for keeping the surface clean. While the overall design of this pool table is rather well executed it comes in at an absolutely minuscule 20 inches in length. Since it is less than 2 ft in size it makes it rather difficult to play and most people aside from him children will find it not terribly fun or challenging.

A new pool table can often be a tremendous investment especially for a full-sized model with a slate surface. Luckily, Lancaster gaming company has found a way to make an affordable full-size billiards table without cutting corners. This table features black wooden legs with a black table that features chrome trim around the edges and white markers to show where the ball will deflect. The table surface features completely hidden cups and a vibrant green surface. The legs of this table feature feet that can be adjusted to ensure the table is level no matter what kind of surface it is being placed on.

A level table for pool is obviously important as an uneven surface will result in shots veering off to one direction or another or even balls rolling on their own.

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This particular billiard table also features K66 bumpers which ensure consistent deflections and shots every time. The legs are sturdy and made from medium density fiberboard and the board deck is made from 18 mm particle board ensuring durability. This table comes with the essential accessories including a rack for setting up the billiards, a set of balls, and two cues.

Our final two pool tables make great gifts for young ones or amateur Pool enthusiasts. The STS TandS tabletop billiards and pool table features a very short legged design so it can be placed on an existing table and played at a comfortable height. The table is 30 inches long making some shots challenging for young ones or amateur players but for the most part the shots will be on the easy side for most people.

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The table feature is a light-colored wood around the edge and a green fabric on top with white netting for the pockets. This pool set includes two cues, a cube of chalk, and a brush for the table in addition to the miniature billiard balls and plastic triangle for setting them all up. Despite their diminutive size these miniature pool balls roll evenly and have a good bit of momentum to them making this miniature pool game surprisingly easy to play.

There are two major factors to consider when choosing a pool table and these include the amount of space available to you and your skill level as a pool player. No matter what reason you have for acquiring a pool table, you can order one now without even leaving your computer or your phone.

Each of these models is one of of the best cheap pool tables available online, and can fit all kinds of different niches depending on what exactly you need. Check out these different cheap pool tables and decide which one is right for you. This model does away with that issue by conveniently folding for easy storage. Setup is easy though, so you can get a new game going in a snap.

This one can easily go into a van or the back of a truck. Does the party need to move to a new location or to a different room? That is no problem with this table. Just fold it up and carry it wherever it needs to go, from the bar, the basement, the porch, or the living room.

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Buy now 3. This pool table sacrifices the full size of other models in order to become the most movable table possible. This may not substitute a standard table for everyone, but it gets the job done for the billiard player who just wants to have fun knocking cue balls around. Aside from the table, all other components are standard size, so it still feels like a regular game of pool.

Buy now 4. This pool table comes in the standard size for real pool games. It is more than just functional, though. The shiny wooden design makes a beautifully classy addition to any room. Get this when you want something that will look good anywhere. Buy now 5. It also folds up quite easily for stashing inside a closet or against the wall.

The balls and cues are standard quality for a pool table as well, so it will still feel just like playing anywhere else.