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Fiesta Texas will also begin operating the park on weekends and holidays in January and February, park officials said. The San Antonio park has been adding to its stable of rides in recent years: The Ride, a 4D roller coaster, in Fiesta Texas aims to 'amp up the scare factor' with new additions to Fright Fest. According to construction permits filed with the city and state, SeaWorld San Antonio plans to add a turtle exhibit pool and two rides: Joshua Fechter is a San Antonio-based staff writer covering retail and tourism.

Read him on our free site , mySA. Caption Close. Image 1 of Back to Gallery. Now Playing: San Antonio Express-News. Although discount passes, tickets, and add-ons may be available to allow you to visit other properties, admission is not included as part of your Six Flags Season Pass. Unless explicitly indicated, Regular and Gold Season Pass benefits and discounts may only be used at the park they are purchased from.

Gold Plus, Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Elite Membership benefits may be used at any participating Six Flags Membership park, subject to availability see the Membership page for details. If you have any trouble submitting your cancellation request, we have online chat during the day or you can call our national Member Service Phone Center and they can help you. Or you can fill out a form and we can help you. We do offer a Season Membership for those who want them. These can be found on the individual Membership product pages for example, the Gold Plus Season Membership can be found on the Gold Plus Membership page.

Season Memberships include all of the same benefits as monthly Memberships, except that they automatically expire at the end of the season for example, a Season Membership will be valid from September, until December, If you think you'll visit the park at least once this year and at least once next year, then you definitely want to become a Six Flags Member.

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You will save a ton of money right off the bat off the cost of admission, and depending on which level of Membership you choose, you'll save a lot of money in park too. You'll also have a much better time.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas to open Joker ride in 12222

Season Pass don't get any of these things. If you're pretty sure that you only want to visit the park this year and not next year and you don't care about any of the benefits mentioned above, then a Season Pass is likely a better value for you. And a whole bunch of other benefits that are not available to any of our Season Pass Holders.

Yes, at any time current Members can upgrade from one Membership level to another. To upgrade, log in to Member Services Online and choose "Upgrade" from the main menu. You'll be able to upgrade without paying any processing fees and we will cancel your old Membership. Even the lowest level of Membership Gold Plus comes with ALL of the benefits of our best Season Pass, including unlimited visits, season parking on every pass, free tickets for friends, and the same discounts Season Pass Holders get.

In addition, Members come with a lot more benefits that aren't available on any of our Season Passes. If you're looking for the best experience with the most discounts, the best value, and the most unique experiences, a Membership is likely for you. For example, With a Diamond Membership you can visit one haunted house at no additional charge. Every online transaction on sixflags. It's a once-per-transaction fee, so you'll pay the same fee regardless of whether you buy one ticket or 10 Season Passes. You are only charged the processing fee on your initial Membership payment -- we do not charge you processing fees on your monthly payments.

So -- if you're standing in front of the park entrance, and you sign up for a Membership on your phone, immediately after you submit your order you can walk up to the turnstiles and they will let you in assuming that they can scan the bar code from your phone, which they usually can. But you are not charged per ticket. After your initial order is complete you are never charged the processing fee again. Actually, for Members, if you add-on additional products or upgrade your Membership to a higher level we will not charge you a processing fee for those transactions.

OK, maybe not "today. Our Membership prices will remain fairly consistent throughout the year. As far as we know right now, you will never find a Membership priced lower than it is today. With that said, while the price won't go down, it will definitely go up. We don't know when. Probably not today or tomorrow, but at some point we will likely raise the price.

We take a scan of your finger to link your card to your unique number. The scan of your finger does not contain enough information to recreate your fingerprint. We will only use the scan of your finger to authenticate you as the owner of your Season Pass or Membership and will delete the number following expiration or cancellation of your Season Pass or Membership including a reasonable period of time to allow you to purchase or renew a lapsed Season Pass or Membership. You can make a request to access or to change your finger scan by visiting our Contact Us page. If you do not wish to have a biometric pass, you are not required to.

If you feel uncomfortable using our biometric access control system, you may choose to have a traditional Six Flags Photo ID pass instead where we will use a photograph of you to validate your identity each time you visit the park instead of your finger scan. To receive a Six Flags Photo ID, please inform one of our team members when you first arrive at the park who will direct you to the Season Pass Center. You must activate your Season Pass at the park you purchased it from.

You will be able to use your Season Pass after it's been processed at the park during the season. After you purchase your Season Passes online you will be provided with a printed "voucher" which will give you access to the park. To "process" your Season Pass, just bring this voucher with you to the park. When you get to the turnstiles they will give you instructions depending on the type of pass you purchase usually it takes just a couple minutes. In addition to unlimited admission, Season Pass Holders receive a variety of special benefits including discounts on in-park purchases, free tickets for friends, exclusive ride times and more.

Because a Season Pass usually doesn't cost much more than a single ticket, a Season Pass is worthwhile purchase if you can picture yourself visiting the park at least twice over the course of the year. If you can picture yourself visiting the park at least two times between now and the end of , a Season Pass is a better value than purchasing individual tickets.

Depending on whatever sale is going on at the time, you may be able to purchase a Season Pass for less than twice the cost of two tickets to the park. Which means that as long as you visit at least twice you will save money vs. At the time you sign up for your Membership you can choose to provide us with a security deposit.

The vast, vast, vast majority of people who choose to provide us with a security deposit get it back when they cancel their Membership. Members who choose to provide us with a security deposit generally pay less than those who don't opt to provide us with a security deposit.


However, other than the monthly fee being a little different, everything about the security and non-security deposit Memberships are exactly the same. No, you never need to renew your Membership. Your Six Flags Membership will continue until you cancel it. You may cancel your Membership anytime after your first 12 months. If you mean how much will you spend on your Membership fees over the "entire life of your Membership," we really can't answer that question for you, since after the first 12 months you can keep your Membership going as long as you want. If what you're asking is how much your Membership will cost you each month -- it will pretty much be the posted price on the website plus tax.

We do not charge you a monthly processing fee, nor are there any other hidden charges. Each Membership is valid for just one person. We do not sell "family" Memberships, although we do offer lower prices when you sign up for four or more Memberships at a time. It's about 20 different parks in North America. Members also receive significant discounts on Member Dining Passes, which offer lunch and a snack or lunch, dinner and a snack.

You can view all of your Season Pass benefits at sixflags. You will need your Season Pass card number or printed voucher number and your last name to first register your pass. Unlimited soft drinks is a feature of the Premium Season Dining Pass. Season Dining Passes allow you to eat lunch, dinner and a snack every time you visit the park all season long depending on which Dining Pass package you choose.

If you visit the park 4 or more times it is an incredible value. For more information, visit the Season Dining Pass page. Meals are not included with a regular Season Pass, however you can get meals every time you visit when you buy a Season Dining Pass to go along with your Season Pass. Membership is a separate pass.

When you sign up for a Membership you receive all of the same benefits as a Season Pass, plus a number of additional benefits. Become a Member if you want admission and parking at every Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor, discounts EVERY time you visit, free upgrades, priority entry, and incredible unique experiences, bonuses and surprises. And special treatment. Plus you get a shiny card that looks WAY prettier than the regular Season Pass card -- the Diamond card even has a hologram! Unlike a Season Pass where you pay for an entire season at once, with Membership you only have to pay for one month at a time.

This gives you the flexibility to cancel any time you want after the first 12 months instead of making you commit in full-year increments. In order to offer you that flexibility we have no way of knowing what your total cost will be. Yes, but bear in mind that you must activate your Membership at the Six Flags park you purchased it from. These prices are as low as we feel comfortable with.

That's pretty much it! Your Membership will be valid immediately after you complete your initial signup. It's very straightforward. When you sign up for your Membership you can choose to provide us with a security deposit or not. If you do we'll charge the security deposit to your credit card and hold on to it until you cancel your Membership. If all of your monthly fees are paid up and you've essentially lived up to your side of the contract, we'll return your security deposit to you in whatever fashion you provided it to us.

The vast, vast, vast majority of Members receive their full security deposit back when they cancel. The only difference between a "security deposit Membership" and a "non-security deposit Membership" is that those who provide security deposits pay a slightly lower monthly fee than those who choose not to provide a security deposit. You can activate your Membership at the park whenever you like.

The only requirement is that before you can use your Membership to visit other parks you must first activate it at the park you purchased it from. Some of our Season Pass promotions have specific requirements about visitiation -- for example, to receive a "free upgrade to Gold" you might need to visit the park by a certain date. Memberships do not have requirements like this. Your first Membership payment is the same as your future Membership payments. Note that your initial payment also includes our initial standard processing fee.

When we charge your credit card for future payments you will not be charged a processing fee. The process is entirely automatic. We will not send you a monthly bill that you have to pay. At any time you can log into your account and update your payment information. Any changes you make will usually be active immediately. You can access your account anytime from our website. Members participating in the Three Free Months of Membership promotion do not receive their three free months at the beginning of their Memberships.

They receive them at the very end of their Membership immediately after their final paid month. So if you sign up for a Membership now, you can, if you want, cancel at the end of 12 months following the regular cancellation procedure. After you finish your last paid month you will then immediately receive an additional three free months of Membership tacked on to the end.

The three months of Membership you receive from this promotion includes only the Membership itself. While you use them in conjunction with your Membership, they are not actually included with or part of your Membership. We may from time to time offer special promotions on these other programs, but they are not part of this particular promotion. The Three Free Months of Membership promotion is a special offer on Six Flags Memberships where you will receive an additional bonus three free months when you sign up during certain promotional periods. Which means, for example, if you sign up for a Membership now and decide to cancel immediately after your minimum 12 month paid requirement, you would receive your free bonus months as months 13, 14, and 15 you pay for month and then you receive month for free.

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Your three free months of Membership will begin automatically on the day after your last paid month of Membership. If you have these products on your account they will expire at the end of your paid Membership. We recognize that some individuals may stay in the program continuously and might never be able to claim their three free months. If you participate in the three free months of Membership promotion you will receive your three free months immediately after your last paid month -- that is, at the very end of your Membership.

Let's say your signed up for your Membership on April 1, If you were to cancel your Membership on the soonest date contractually allowed, your paid Membership would end one year later on March 31, If you had three free months of Membership through this program, your Membership would actually remain active and you could use it for three additional months -- that is, until June 30, You would not have to pay for the months of April '20, May '20, or June ' There are three reasons Members participating in the three free months promotion receive their free months at the end and not at the beginning or even middle:.

Why do people who stay in the program 48 months receive promotional credit instead of 3 free months? When we were designing the promotion we were concerned that some of our most dedicated customers would remain in the program for a number of years, and effectively would never cancel their Membership. In an effort to ensure that they received the equivalent of their three free months of value, we decided that those individuals should receive in-park spending money equivalent to whatever their three free months of Membership would have been worth.

Since these types of guests visit all of the time we figured they would get a lot more value from the in-park spending credit than from three free months of Membership they may never want to use. Using a screen reader and having problems using this website? Ring up.

During regular business hours. If you need help with our online store. Skip to main content. Fright Fest Sale. Member Rewards New for ' Here is what you'll find when you scroll down: Regular Season Product Grid. Buy Season Passes during our sale for: Gold Season Pass. Buy Now. Gold Plus Membership. Sign Up. Platinum Membership. Diamond Membership. Diamond Elite Membership. To get the free upgrade to Gold level, free parking, and free bonus ticket you must pick up your new Season Passes or Membership cards at the park by XXX.

This requirement does not apply to guests signing up for Memberships. Show More. Season Pass Superman. With a Season Pass you'll get unlimited visits to Six Flags from now until the end of the Season. Here is why you should buy during our Flash Sale:. Unlimited Visits in and We'll let you use your pass to visit for the rest of this year. Unlimited admission to Six Flags. Unlimited admission to Wet 'n' Wild Splashtown. Includes park admission to Fright Fest. Includes park admission to Holiday in the Park. Tons of additional benefits. Click here to view!

One free Season Parking Pass. Special days when you can bring a friend free. Exclusive ride time events. Significant discounts on park tickets for friends. Hundreds of dollars worth of in-park savings.

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More Features. Season Passes. The best way to visit Six Flags all season! Includes parking all season. Save BIG. Visit Six Flags all season long! Online pricing may differ from at-the-park pricing. Membership Regular Season. Sign up during the Flash Sale and you'll get: Big Discount! Free Months! Membership Rewards program! Earn LOTS of free stuff just for visiting, riding rides, seeing shows and having fun!

There is no better time to sign up for a Membership! Enjoy the best, most elite set of Memberships any theme park has ever offered. Diamond Elite Membership Key Features: Skip two Ride Lines Every Visit. Unlimited Soft Drinks Every Visit.

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Waterpark Diamond Area Access. Diamond Bonuses, Upgrades and Surprises. Six Flags Membership Rewards. Tons of Additional Benefits.

Click for details. Diamond Elite Priority Preferred Parking. Discount Tickets for Friends Every Visit. Premium Diamond Seating at Shows. Unlimited Admission. First to Ride New Attractions. Priority Member Entry. Member Appreciation Days. Special Member Pass ID and more. Bonus Benefits at Special Parks. Free Tickets for Friends. Benefits Guide. The following detailed information is also available: Sign Up Diamond Elite Membership Diamond Membership Diamond Membership. Diamond Membership Key Features: Skip a Ride Line Every Visit.

Diamond Preferred Parking Every Visit. Three Free Months. Three Free Months: To receive your free additional months, you must be up-to-date on your membership payments and you must request your cancellation through our regular cancellation process. Diamond Membership Platinum Membership Platinum Membership.

Platinum Membership Key Features: One-Time Preferred Parking. Better Free Upgrades and Bonuses. Platinum Parking on Every Pass. Benefit Guide. Platinum Membership Gold Plus Membership offers more benefits than any of our Season Passes at an unbelievable monthly price. Sign up today! Membership Gold Plus Key Features: Gold Plus Admission and Parking. Free Upgrades and Bonuses. Gold Plus Membership Membership vs Season Pass Regular Season. Season Pass. Membership Rewards Regular Season.