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Check out our FAQs below. With rugged wheels, excellent visibility and the advantage of extra traction on uneven surfaces, 4x4s are designed to handle anything the elements can throw at them, keeping you and your passengers safe in even the toughest conditions. The term 4WD or 4x4 relates to a vehicle system where the power is delivered to all four wheels simultaneously.

Best 4x4s and SUVs

This means that the engine splits the power between each axle, so that all the wheels spin at the same rate. All-wheel-drive AWD is a more modern concept, where the power sent to each wheel is varied. An SUV is lighter which means they often have improved steering and fuel economy. They often have more luxurious features, too.

Best 4x4 cars on sale

Crossovers are smaller still and can suit those who want the 4x4 look with the practicality of a hatchback. One of the main advantages of driving a 4x4 in winter is the vehicle height.

AWD is great for driving through a combination of conditions, as it will switch between different power outputs depending on the surface. For drivers living in areas that are more likely to see lots of black ice, driving a 4x4 might not be the best solution, as the weight can increase your chance of slipping. You can also fit your tyres with things like snow chains or snow socks, which you can purchase from your local Arnold Clark Parts department.

We rate the top 10 best SUVs and 4x4s on the market right now

Because of its mechanical set-up, a large 4WD vehicle is heavy, and takes a lot of power to move. By opting for all-terrain capability, drivers will usually need to sacrifice a bit of fuel economy. In true Audi fashion, the interior is impeccable, and the A8 is crammed with advanced tech such as air suspension, a slick digital dashboard display and a suite of safety assists.

Deals correct at time of publication, but many such deals are temporary.

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New 4x4 Car Deals

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