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Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL review: Android's finest. The ever-escalating game of cat and mouse between Google and Amazon for domination of your home continues to intensify. Google was late to the party, but it's all but caught up in many ways. Amazon launched the Echo in and then Google followed up two years later with the Home.

Amazon then released the Echo Show , the first smart speaker with a display, in Google Home has supported smart displays before, but the Home Hub is the first one to come directly from Google itself. The Google Assistant is the superior digital assistant when it comes to knowing more things and understanding and anticipating your needs through the more robust Google services you've plugged into it. However, Amazon's Alexa is undoubtedly more open with more connectable "skills" from third-party services.

Just as there's no definitive answer to the age-old question of Android or iOS, there will likely never be one winner that gains full control of the smart home. The connected smart home hub you should get depends entirely on which company's ecosystem you've already invested in or want to build around. The Home Hub does everything Lenovo's Smart Display does except make video calls because it doesn't have a camera.

My least favorite thing about the original Echo is its cold and generic design. Amazon's improved the industrial design for its Echo products over the years, using more fabric and more earthy materials like wood to make them less gadgety and blend better into homes. But Google still has Amazon beat. The Home Hub is another slick example of Google nailing a product's identity with a discrete design that uses materials that are inviting. My review unit came in a charcoal dark gray , but the Home Hub also comes in chalk lighter gray , aqua greenish blue , and sand pinkish.

The Home Hub is a cute little device and much smaller than it appears in online photos. It has a 7-inch display with 1, x resolution. I've heard from many a tech nerd and reporter complain about the display not even being p resolution, and I'm here to tell it doesn't matter. The Home Hub isn't a phone, and it isn't a tablet. It's not a device you hold inches from your face. Your megapixel photos from Google Photos the max resolution for free pics look great on the Home Hub's screen. The megapixel photos uploaded from my iPhone look crispy — I could easily see the individual hairs on a deer's fur and the bricks in a building from my Japan vacation album.

Anyone who says the screen is not bright enough, not sharp enough, or not big enough is using the Home Hub all wrong. This is not a TV. For sure, you can ask the Google Assistant to play a YouTube video from, like, your favorite website such as Mashable. YouTube support is especially useful for watching tutorials, but think short videos, not feature-length movies. Google has paid extra attention to the screen as a picture frame.

Even with the screen positioned at an angle, reflections aren't an issue. Reflections from windows and overhead lights both at home under my kitchen's direct fluorescent light and at work were not as problematic as they are on my MacBook Air.

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But more on the Home Hub as a picture frame in a minute. Even more important might be what the what Home Hub doesn't have.

On the rear is switch for muting the microphone and a volume rocker, but absent is any kind of camera. A front-facing camera is useful for making video calls, but the privacy concerns of putting a camera that could be be nefariously accessed by a hacker to remotely spy on you is real however unlikely as that is. Lenovo gets around this privacy fear with a physical shutter that slides over to block the camera on its Smart Displays, but Google's gone one further: There just isn't one. And you know what? I don't miss it. I rarely video called anyone with the Echo Show, and I barely know anyone who uses Google Duo for video calling.

If I really must do a video call, FaceTime or Google Duo or Instagram video calling on my iPhone's always a tap away and so too is Skype on my computer. In the spot where you'd expect to find a camera, however, is a light sensor that adjusts the screen to match the lighting in your room. Google calls this Ambient EQ. So instead of the harsher blue light you'd be blasting your eyes with at night, the Home Hub's screen brightens and dims to a warmer and softer hue that's both better for waking up and going to sleep to. Upon creating your Nixplay account during setup, you receive an mynixplay.

Picture perfect digital frame

Add contacts to your Friends tab, and any image files they email to that address will show up on the Nixplay site as will folders shared over cloud services like Dropbox , where you can add the photos to a playlist. Once images are uploaded to your frame, you can customize the image duration and transition effect for your slideshow.

For images not in a 4: In addition, you can set a daily sleep and wake schedule for the display, a useful feature if you have the frame in your bedroom and light from the screen would keep you awake. Nixplay frames do not support automatic slideshows from social media accounts and previously did not support any shared folders.

Recently, Nixplay added syncing with shared Google Photos and Dropbox folders. If you want to manually add photos from Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr, you need to log in through nixplay. Nixplay says that it is working on adding syncing for social media photos in the future. Digital Picture Frames

Several Wirecutter staffers and some of their family members have Nixplay Seeds and have been using them without any major problems. She also mentioned that she feels that there are too many repeat images when the frame is set to shuffle. The You lose features from our top pick such as a motion sensor for turning off the display, one-step transfer of images from your phone, and easy sharing of photos between family and friends.

And if you want to use a digital photo frame only occasionally, like for family gatherings around the holidays, the Amazon Fire can be an inexpensive way to pull that off, while having a tablet for portable reading and Web browsing during the rest of the year. We were all set to recommend the Ever Frames V08 as a bare-bones, budget pick, but it's been plagued with stock-availability issues. It works only in landscape orientation, and it has a menu system and remote that recall s computing, but the Ever Frames V08 offers decent picture quality at about a third of the price of our top pick.

The V08 can display non The L-shaped rear of the frame housing the input ports doubles as the stand, which means the V08 can sit only in landscape orientation. It has a shape and design nearly identical to that of our budget pick, but in our tests its screen quality was noticeably inferior, with flat washed-out colors and a narrow viewing angle.

Nixplay For Less

Extremely frustrating. The display let us down, however. With the frame tilted just a few degrees in the vertical direction, severe bronzing made seeing the image nearly impossible. With this frame up on the mantle, a small child looking up at it would see nothing useful. Though now discontinued, we did consider two frames from Electric Objects. Electric Objects targeted the EO1 and its follow-up, the EO2 , at the art connoisseur rather than the photo hobbyist.

The huge, byinch Full HD—resolution screens were meant to be wall-mounted and work only in portrait orientation. Our images had the clarity and pop of slide film on a lightbox. We were disappointed by a lack of functionality, however. Shortly after we published, that feature was added, so kudos to the company for incorporating feedback. To change images manually, you have to use the companion iPhone app which of course means your phone needs to be with you or stand within 2 feet of the frame and wave your hand in the air.

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Not only is the latter a tedious way to find a particular image, it also looks ridiculous. In my home office with three large windows, the Aura Frame went to sleep only in the evenings. In practice, the smart selection feature was more trouble than it was worth. I spent 20 minutes waiting for the app to analyze images in a camera-roll folder of images—far more time than I would have taken to select photos manually.

And if you choose to display a square or portrait-orientation image with the frame positioned in landscape orientation, for example, you have no fit-to-frame option. Instead the image displays full frame but cropped. And every other frame we tested offered us the choice of how to handle orientation mismatches.

Get a 10.1-inch Nixplay Seed widescreen digital photo frame for $97.50

Again, the Aura Frame produced a better-looking image next to all the other frames we saw, but with a price tag more than double the cost of our top pick, it currently has too many usability shortcomings to recommend. Having said that, the company appears to be responsive to usability concerns and has the ability to address them via app and firmware updates. The Nixplay Edge is similar to our Wi-Fi—enabled top pick but retains USB and SD ports, plays video files, and comes with a traditional stand which you can use in both portrait and landscape orientation.

A metal versus plastic frame offers a classier look, and the Iris employs an ambient sensor to match screen brightness to the room lighting. It also uses a noise sensor—rather than a motion sensor—to put the display to sleep.

The PhotoSpring frame has a inch touch-sensitive display and offers twice as much internal storage 16 GB as our top pick. It supports common video file formats and has a built-in rechargeable battery.