Cell phone deals cyber monday

It's not every day you see smartphones on sale, but Cyber Monday is chock full of great prices on excellent phones, including ones from Samsung, Apple, Google, Motorola, and Honor. Below, we break down the specs for each smartphone that's on sale so you know which one to choose.

We've actually tested nearly every phone on this list, so you can rest assured that these phones are worth your money. The OnePlus 6 is all the phone you really need.

Its normal price is already impressively low for a phone with these kinds of high-end specs, and now that it's on sale, it's an absolute steal. The OnePlus 6 boasts a beautiful, It looks quite a bit like the iPhone XS from the front because it has the same small notch for the megapixel selfie camera. The phone's battery life is impressive, and OnePlus' Dash charge tech will give you a full charge in just 30 minutes.

The dual lens camera on the back has two sensors — one megapixel and one megapixel — which take excellent pictures and produce the coveted blurred background effect in photos. We think it's one of the very best smartphones you can buy.

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The Galaxy S9 was Samsung's flagship phone, so it's a great buy even though it will soon be replaced by the S10 in the new year. Because it's on sale, you really can't go wrong. The 5. It's also waterproof.

Cell Phone

Tech reviewer after tech reviewer has taken gorgeous photos with the S9 and S9 Plus cameras. The processor is speedy, it has solid battery life, and you can even expand the storage with a MicroSD card — what's not to love? We call it the best Samsung phone in our buying guide. Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is bigger and arguably better than the Galaxy S9 we mentioned above.

It comes with a massive 6. The cameras are excellent, and the S-Pen stylus is better than ever, so those of you who like to draw, take notes, and use the S-Pen for other important things will be very happy with this phone. Its processor is zippy and fast, it holds a charge much longer than most other flagship phones, and it can juice up wirelessly. The cameras are, needless to say, spectacular as well. There's no notch on this beauty, either. The dual megapixel standard-angle and wide-angle rear cameras take excellent pictures, as does the 8-megapixel wide-angle selfie cam.

The V35 ThinQ also has facial recognition and a fingerprint sensor for added security. Razer is known for its gaming tech, but it has also made a few phones, including the Razer Phone, which is currently on sale. It has a crisp 5. The battery life is good and it's an effective phone, though perhaps not one of the best. Still, at this price, it's a good buy. Although Apple never puts its phones on sale, carriers often have good deals on the latest and greatest phones from Apple. It's not the best deal, but hey, it's a deal.

On an iPhone. And not just any iPhone — the new ones! They're higher end and thus they are great buys for tech addicts who want the absolute best, shutterbugs who love high-end camera tech, and people who want a larger Max or smaller phone XS. TV Deals. Headphone and Audio Deals. Gaming Deals. Please support our work! For a little insight on the laptops we like, check out our new list of Best Laptops for Best Buy.

There are cheaper Surface Laptops, but this one is a great deal for a superior configuration. This is a petite, lightweight Chromebook for lightweight tasks.

Best Laptop Deals

It's good for email, browsing, and some basics but it should do them admirably. At this price, that's OK. One of the better low-end Chromebooks on the market.

Release Summary

It weighs just three pounds and has an inch screen that bends back into a tablet-like configuration. A good pick for students.

If you like color LED-lit keys, it can likely rip through some office work, as well. To get all that for one grand is a great deal.

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This is the version of Dell's high-performance laptop with a p display. You won't get a 4K screen, but at this price, it's still a great deal. Samsung , Best Buy. This super-compact touchscreen laptop is a great gift for a college student—mostly because it's compatible with Samsung's stylus sold separately , which is convenient for taking notes or collaborating with classmates. But also, it's powerful enough to handle most of those extracurricular digital activities. Office Depot.

This is already a pretty good price for Acer's compact laptop with a Core i5 chip and 1TB of storage. The deal is sweetened by a free Google Home Mini, which you can get if you use this code: The screen is extra nice on this one. It's touch and stretches all the way to the edges, meaning you get a inch screen in a much smaller body.

The only downside is the webcam, which is stored inside a key on the F keys. It's really fun to pop open, like old Corvette headlights, but isn't a fun angle.

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  • The top 10 phone deals of Cyber Monday 2018 from Apple, Samsung, Google, and more.

If you want a Retina-like display on a Windows machine, this IdeaPad packs a lot of pixels into a inch rectangle. To learn more about what's hot, read our Best Tablets and Best iPads guides.

Deals in Cell Phones & Accessories

This deal fluctuates in and out of sale a lot. Check alternate colors and keep trying. The price should hold if you buy it out of stock, but on sale. This is a rare iPad deal. The standard iPad is compatible with the Apple Pencil, making it the most well-rounded affordable tablet you can own. It has better apps and better games than any other platform.

It's the same iPad you've seen before, and should last you years. No, it's not technically a laptop, phone, or tablet, but whatcha gonna do? The Kindle is one of the last surviving ebook readers, and for good reason: This model isn't the brand new waterproof Kindle, but it's still fantastic and has a wonderful built-in backlight.

If you're dead set on the new one, you can always trade it in for credit and 25 percent off the new Kindle. The Fire HD 10 is no workhorse, but it's big enough and powerful enough to act as a second larger screen when you need one—perfect for simple games, hands-free Alexa, reading, or Netflix binging. Of course, Amazon would prefer that you stream Prime Videos instead. There are some smartphone deals happening on Cyber Monday too.

To understand the market a bit more, you may want to check our Best Android Phones and Best iPhones guides. Otterbox , Amazon Case for several phones on sale. Otterbox is currently offering 25 percent off sitewide on their famously durable phone cases. This Mophie charging pad will charge any phone or device with Qi charging, and it's especially optimized for iPhones.

The Galaxy S9 is still at the top of the class of phones. It's as fast as they come, and its camera shines brighter than most Android phones outside the Pixel 3 see below. If not, Samsung's phone will work on any carrier. Amazon , Samsung , Best Buy. This Note 9 will work on any of the major carriers. You're better off opting for the Galaxy S9 above for value, but the Note 9 is larger and comes with a stylus built in. This is our favorite new iPhone. We like that Best Buy is just offering a straight discount on the phone for any carrier, though they like it if you sign up for a month payment plan.

Read our iPhone guide to learn more. If you're running low on storage and your phone has a MicroSD slot many do , this is a cheap way to extend the life of your phone—and extend your sanity.